Quinn Turner


Some of my most recent work
  • Full-stack JavaEE


    Lead full-stack web developer for a joint project between University of Waterloo and University of Windsor that hosts a set of innovation assessment tools to be used primarily by the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services. The web portal has high expectations for user friendliness, robustness, data analysis, and security. Responsibilities include full stack web development and project planning by reasoning from first principles.

    Front end: JSP, HTML/CSS/JS using Foundation by Zurb, jQuery, and AJAJ.
    Business tier: JavaEE, Maven+.ear
    Back end: MySQL connected by JDBC and Persistence API for ORM.
    Also responsible for system administration for Ubuntu, GlassFish, MySQL. Created 8 mission-critical yet user friendly Bash scripts in a timely fashion. Gitflow is used for VC.

    Full-stack JavaEE
  • Creating this website


    My process in creating this WordPress website… Will update this once finalized.

    Creating this website
  • Autonomous Miniature Manufacturing Facility


    Lab engineering assistant for the Management Sciences Undergraduate Laboratory; a facility that embodies SCADA-like integration in an Industry 4.0 manufacturing system.

    – Designed, built, and wired a Siemens PLC with 4 modules from scratch, includes ~120 I/Os
    – Programmed Siemens and Allen-Bradley PLCs used for an industrial conveyor and several Fischertechnik models
    – Integrated RFID read/write communication and LEGO EV3 PID-controlled autonomously driven robots
    – Developed a custom program in C# that facilitates the communication of all devices listed, wrote ~20k lines of code ranging from low-level TCP and Bluetooth communication to the GUI
    – Assisted┬áprofessors with designing lab activities for Management Sciences courses
    – Programmed an Excel VBA macro for analyzing Outcomes Based Assessments (OBA) data across courses
    – Developed an Android application acting as a slave for communication
    – Various electrical/mechanical assembly and design tasks
    – Worked with Autodesk Inventor and 3D printing

    Autonomous Miniature Manufacturing Facility
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A curious engineering student aspired to advance remedial education
  • Complex Problem Solving

    Takes an engineering approach to problem solving by thinking critically from first principles.

  • Software Engineering

    Deep understanding of object-oriented architectures and best practices; knows what it takes to produce and maintain software.

  • Drive for innovation

    Actively searching for new ways to strategically push technological boundaries.

  • Competitor

    Basketball, SSBM, football, GH3, 9-5-2, blackjack, and poker.

To be completed when I find the time.